Bus, Light Rail And Shuttle Incentive Program

Get on the Right Track with an RT Bus, Light Rail and the McClellan Shuttle (Route 85)

The TMA provides a 50% subsidy for regular commuters who use public transportation. First time riders will receive a 75% subsidy on a monthly pass. Click here for the Transit Pass Subsidy Policy. (Commute subsidies are only available to employees of McClellan Park tenants. Subsidies are not available to employees who already receive employer-provided subsidies.)

Service into McClellan Park

  • RT Bus Route 26 provides bus service into the East District of McClellan Park from Watt / I-80 Light Rail Station. Click here for the full route and schedule
  • McClellan Shuttle (Route 85) is a service provided by the TMA and connects riders from the Roseville Road Light Rail Station to all districts of McClellan Park. Click here for the full route and schedule

Getting Started

  • Register with Commuter Club at www.sacregioncommuterclub.org
  • Log into Commuter Club and download your first-time 75% subsidy coupon and obtain your supervisor’s signature
  • Click here to download the Commuters Benefit Agreement
  • Cash, check or money order for $27.50 to McClellan Park TMA for your first money.
  • Visit the TMA offices at 3140 Peacekeeper Way from the 25th to the 5th of the month to purchase your monthly pass
  • Every month thereafter you will receive a 50% subsidy and no downloading of a coupon or an agreement are required

Route 85